Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Prophecy for the new Gregorian year

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Here is an interesting collection of articles on RIFD technology, aka “The Mark of the Beast.”

For those who haven’t seen it, check out the 2005 UN Ecosystems Assessment here. The oceans are 90% fished out, most of the world’s ecosystems are on the point of collapse, resources severely depleted, etcetera.

It sure is fun – all this speculating about 2012, the return of the Goddess, Thelemic Magick, indigenous prophesies, light working, and all the rest.

However, a question goes unaddressed: How are we going to change the world situation and actually salvage this planet before it is too late? How much time do we have? How are we going to work together to get this done? What is our plan of action?

(In what follows, I am going to use the words “We” and “Our” rhetorically, referring to the group I consider to be the evolutionary edge of the progressive movement, integrating spiritual, ecological, political, social, technological perspectives - represented at Burning Man, on Tribe, etc.)

Our time to come up with a strategy and then flawlessly execute it can probably be measured in months, perhaps a year or two, max.

As we all must know, we are currently in the midst of a mass extinction crisis. David Ulansey has documented this at length: Within thirty years, 25 percent of all species will be extinct. By that point, we may well have entered an inevitable situation of complete biospheric collapse and self-extinction. If we are going to avert the worst and totalizing effects of this crisis, we cannot start in two or three years – we have to start now.

At the same time, we can see that the US Government’s response to New Orleans/Katrina is a template for establishing martial law, Banana-Republic-style, when things start to go haywire due to deteriorating climate and resource-scarcity, which they will soon. The Pentagon may have some extraordinary contingency plans at their disposal. I don’t think we will like them.

Clearly, technology is an important piece of the puzzle in how we can turn this situation around. We have the quickly evolving capacity of the Internet to function as a multimedia hub, and, at the same time, the extraordinary evolution in tools for creating media. There is no longer any use for the corporate media (and I believe they are becoming aware of this), and no way that media monopolization can function, unless the Internet itself is shut down. We are in a short, potentially revolutionary moment when the tools for creating culture have been fully democratized and put in our hands. But as of yet, I see few people putting these tools to the uses that they need to be put if we are going to change/save the situation in the time available to us.

It is not enough to speak to an “in” group, to be witty, to be cute. We have to employ media with the same seductive savvy that the mainstream media has used it – but repurposed to express a new and integrated consciousness: ecological, political, spiritual, social. The nascent awareness I see, at times, on this discussion board – and at events such as Burning Man. But we don’t have the time to distract ourselves anymore. Now is the time for disciplined work and action. There is no time left for sentimentality, navel-gazing, and the like.

In the same way that the tiny coterie of the Beats gave way to the global mass movement of the hippies in just a few short years, those of us who have been studying these ideas and keeping the countercultural flame alive now have the opportunity to inspire a huge upsurge in the collective will, especially among younger people.

Artists and thinkers no longer have any excuses. If your vision is greater or deeper, if it deserves to be heard, now you can prove it – the tools are there for you, and the potential audience is vast. This is your moment. Create the audience you deserve – but put the interests of the planet ahead of your own.

Beyond media, the Net can be used for establishing support and trust-based networks that are a rocket-shot beyond what something like Tribe is capable of. This, also, should be done right away. I am working on some of these ideas with friends, starting a media and membership company, Evolver ( Working on this project has made me painfully aware of how hard it is to get things done at the speed they need to be done, without significant economic support, or without the trust and faith of a larger community willing to give its time and energy to efforts that might be transformative.

If we are going to stop species extinction, evict the current regime from power before it permanently closes down our world, and solve the many other difficult problems facing global humanity (Peak Oil, for instance), we are going to have to learn how to think and work together, how to collaborate and focus, on a much deeper level than we have ever imagined before. Turning back species extinction, for instance, would require a massive redistribution of resources and extraordinary attention to local ecologies across the planet. It can be done – but it will require a huge upgrade in the level and quality human consciousness to make this happen.

I suggest that this upgrade is what is being asked from us, right now.

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