Sunday, December 04, 2005

climate controls not working

An article in today's times notes that the strategy for creating international protocols for reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses is a failed one. The article notes:

Indeed, from here on, progress on climate is less likely to come from megaconferences like the one in Montreal and more likely from focused initiatives by clusters of countries with common interests, said Mr. Benedick, who is now a consultant and president of the National Council on Science and the Environment, a private group promoting science-based environmental policies.

The only real answer at the moment is still far out on the horizon: nonpolluting energy sources. But the amount of money being devoted to research and develop such technologies, much less install them, is nowhere near the scale of the problem, many experts on energy technology said.

It is increasingly obvious that the massive structural problems facing contemporary society cannot be solved by the institutions and organizations that have contributed to them. We clearly need new systems that can handle the climactic and ecological crisis, which really requires a complete redesign of society. It does seem that the socially networking potentials of the Internet provide the only possible infrastructure for a deep transformation and rational use of the resources and time we have remaining before the global situation disintegrates beyond anyone's control.


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